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heater panel in a restaurant


In a restaurant, the comfort of your clientele is just as important as the menu - infrared heaters bring innovation and style to your space and can greatly enhance dining experiences in almost any setting…

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hotel room

Hotels and B&Bs

The guest experience is crucial to the success of businesses in the leisure industry. In a changeable climate, an effective heating system can make all the difference to what your customers think of your hotel or Bed & Breakfast…

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heater panel in a living room


Your heating system plays a vital role in keeping your home a cosy, comfortable sanctuary. An unsuitable, unreliable heating system can quickly create problems in a domestic setting - find out how infrared technology can solve them.

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Retail environments come in all shapes and sizes and can be very busy at peak times which means their heating systems need to be flexible and robust. Infrared heat offers a number of key advantages for shops and other retail spaces…

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care home

Health and Care

Health and care environments are carefully designed to offer residents and patients the maximum possible benefits and promote recovery. Infrared heating systems can be used to enhance these environments in numerous ways.

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A comfortable, well heated office makes employees happier and more productive. Find out how infrared heating technology can transform your office environment - and improve your business in more ways than one…

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Salons and Treatment Rooms

Salons and treatment rooms should offer their customers indulgent, therapeutic experiences in eye-catching surroundings. Infrared technology can help achieve those goals - with heating devices designed to suit any setting.

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