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Health and Care

Health and care environments are carefully designed to offer residents and patients the maximum possible benefits and promote recovery. Infrared heating systems can be used to enhance these environments in numerous ways.

Therapeutic heat

In healthcare and residential care settings, temperature can be a fundamental factor in the treatment plan for patients and residents. Inconsistent or fluctuating temperatures may complicate recovery programmes or result in patient discomfort - the more accurately temperature can be controlled, the better. Health and care environments also frequently require specialised equipment and apparatus - clunky heating systems only serve to make a the space feel cluttered and crowded.

Beyond comfort and warmth, many individuals in healthcare environments are vulnerable to infection, which means hygiene and cleanliness take on new levels of importance. Older convection heaters generate dust and bacteria, making them difficult to clean and likely to irritate asthma sufferers or anyone struggling with chest complaints.

Research has shown that radiant infrared heat has the potential to ease bone, joint and circulation problems - and help in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and rheumatism
treatment area

Treatment Areas

The focal point of health and care environments: Redwell infrared heating panels can enhance comfort of the treatment experience, generating positive feedback from patients and visitors.

waiting area

Waiting Areas

Waiting rooms, reception areas: infrared heating can keep patients or residents comfortable and happy as they wait for family or friends.

staff kitchen

Staff areas

Staff rooms, changing rooms, lunch rooms: comfortable staff facilities help keep your premises running. Ensure employees don’t feel the chill as they carry out their roles.



Hallways, corridors: remove drafts and keep patients and visitors consistently comfortable as they move between areas within your premises.

Infrared heat brings both practical and therapeutic benefits to health and care settings:

  • Precision heating

    Redwell's infrared panels are controlled via thermostat and offer unprecedented accuracy - patients and care residents can adjust temperatures quickly and easily to suit their specific health needs.

  • Hygienic heating

    Unlike radiators and convection heaters, infrared heating systems attract less dust and moisture making the environment more comfortable for anyone with chest complaints and allowing for much easier cleaning - a huge benefit for healthcare settings.

  • Practical heating

    Redwell's flat infrared heating panels offer numerous space-saving possibilities. Panels can be installed on walls or ceilings leaving room for important equipment and apparatus in healthcare and care homes.

  • Low-maintenance heating

    Infrared panels contain no moving parts meaning they require minimal maintenance. We offer a 90 month warranty on our products but when necessary, repair work is as simple as disconnecting the panel from the mains and removing it from the wall.

  • Attractive heating

    Redwell infrared panels are customisable with printed artwork or colour - in care environments maintaining bright, attractive and interesting decor and creating a pleasant work environment is a huge benefit for patients and staff.

  • Therapeutic heating

    Research has shown that radiant infrared heat has the potential to ease bone, joint and circulation problems - and help in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.

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