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hotel room

Hotels and B&Bs

The guest experience is crucial to the success of businesses in the leisure industry. In a changeable climate, an effective heating system can make all the difference to what your customers think of your hotel or Bed & Breakfast… 

Space and comfort for every guest

Hotels and B&Bs face unique challenges within the hospitality industry. Since they experience such a high customer turnover, poorly heated guestrooms can quickly generate significant negative feedback. Old convection heaters, often used in hotels and B&Bs, take up a surprising amount of space, generate moisture and dust, and involve disruption to customer service when maintenance issues arise.

[The infrared heaters] are all the talk. Guests love them - they are always asking where they can get them!

William Ireland, Cottage Hotel Owner


Guest Bedrooms

A sound night’s sleep is central to your guests’ experience at your premises. Infrared heat can make all the difference to night-time comfort.

dining area

Bars & Dining

Communal areas are becoming increasingly important to diners. Pre-meal appetisers, post-meal coffee and petit fours: infrared heat creates comfortable temperatures quickly and easily.



Remove drafts and keep guests consistently comfortable as they move between areas within your premises.

public room

Public Rooms

Waiting rooms, reception, toilets: infrared heat delivers an all-round level of comfort for everyone in the building.


Back of House

Staff areas, corridors, changing rooms, staff dining rooms: comfortable staff areas help keep your business running. Ensure employees don’t feel the chill as they carry out their roles.

communal area

Communal Areas

The focal point of the dining experience, Redwell infrared heating panels can help increase the number of covers, increasing revenue.

Redwell infrared products offer solutions to many of the heating challenges in the hospitality industry.

  • Swift cleaning

    As guests arrive and depart, cleaning staff must work on a room quickly - and to a high standard. Since they generate less dust, moisture and bacteria than convection heaters, infrared panels make cleaning guestrooms quicker and easier - representing a huge cumulative benefit in businesses where large numbers of rooms need to be worked on every day.

  • A better night's sleep

    The cleaner heat generated by infrared provides an additional health benefit - less dust and moisture means guests with asthma or similar chest complaints receive a better night's sleep.

  • More available space

    Hotel rooms can get cluttered quickly. By removing bulky convection radiators, and installing slimline infrared panels, available space is maximised and guests don't have to worry about tripping over luggage.

  • Minimum disruption

    Infrared heat is powered by mains electricity meaning installation and maintenance issues do not significantly disrupt customer service and keep your business performance optimal.

  • Controllability

    Infrared heaters can be integrated into your BMS, letting you control and even monitor the temperature of guest rooms to within 0.5 degrees of comfort.

  • Efficiency

    Infrared heat running 24 hours a day offers high “in-use” factors for hotels -  a more efficient performance means greater financial savings.

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Case Studies

Holiday Cottages, Pitlochry

Traditional Holiday Cottages

Set amidst the beautiful rolling hills of Strathtay, Pitlochry are two traditional holiday cottages renovated to an exceptionally high standard. The owners of these holiday cottages were intrigued when they came across Redwell whilst looking for a heating solution. The simplicity, energy efficiency and aesthetics were all very appealing and considered to be the perfect complement to the high specification and interior design of the holiday lets.

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Outside view of Cottage Hotel

Cottage Hotel Infrared Heating

As part of an £8 million refurbishment, a traditional Devonshire hotel was updating the heating of its popular bar area. The challenge for Redwell was to provide a modern heating system which fit with the building's historic 'maritime' theme.

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Ankora Hotel

Hotel Ankora Infrared Heating

The modern, metropolitan Hotel Ankora in Prague turned to Redwell to update its ageing heating system without disrupting business or the experience of its guests, as well as reduce costs through higher energy efficiency.

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