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heater panel in a living room


Your heating system plays a vital role in keeping your home a cosy, comfortable sanctuary. An unsuitable, unreliable heating system can quickly create problems in a domestic setting - find out how infrared technology can solve them.

Domestic heating bliss

For decades homes have been built with traditional convection heating systems: a central gas boiler and radiators installed in almost every room. But households come in all shapes and sizes: unfortunately convection heating provides inconsistent levels of heat in each room and relies on air currents to distribute heat so drafts in any part of the home can quickly make occupants feel chilly.

While heating inefficiency impacts domestic energy bills, heaters themselves can disrupt the appearance and feel of a home, serving as bulky additions to a room and hogging much needed space. Older convection heating systems may also develop maintenance problems meaning costly plumbing repair work or a complete refurbishment.

Our home has been transformed from a draughty old building into a very comfortable family home. We are particularly pleased with the unobtrusive heating system and we can already see big savings in our energy bills.

Owner, Burnside Steading



Your home should offer a good night’s sleep, guaranteed. Infrared heat can make all the difference to cosy bedroom comfort for all the family.



Temperatures change rapidly in the kitchen: infrared technology allows you to manage heat levels with unprecedented accuracy.



Create consistent heat and keep everyone in your home comfortable as they move between rooms.



The focal point of the house should be a space where everyone feels comfortable. Infrared heaters offer an all-round level of comfort for everyone.



Bathrooms, showers and toilets can be tricky places to heat: innovative mirrored heating panels offer dual-use potential and deliver warmth to problem areas.

Dining Rooms

The temperature of your Dining Room is crucial to the experience of your dinner guests. Redwell infrared Private Print panels provide accurate, comfortable heat without being obtrusive.

Infrared heat represents a flexible, efficient alternative to conventional domestic heating systems:

  • Energy efficiency

    Rather than relying on air currents, infrared heat acts directly on surfaces and objects, meaning fewer kilowatts per cubic metre needed to create a comfortable temperature. Infrared panels can also be used ‘off-grid’: using solar power they can contribute to the wider effort and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

  • More space

    Anyone living in a crowded home knows how to maximise their available space. Redwell infrared panels are flat and can be installed on any surface - creating free space for you to use as you see fit. The flexibility of infrared panels means they can be fitted in almost any space: from bedrooms and bathrooms, to lounges and kitchens.

  • Easier cleaning

    Since infrared panels attract less dust and moisture than convection heaters, they are not only more hygienic but much easier to clean - a huge benefit to busy households.

  • Aesthetic appeal

    Unlike most designer radiators, Redwell infrared panels both look good and deliver energy efficient heat, meaning you can make your home sustainable without worrying about an impact on your existing decor. You can even choose to customise our panels with artwork or other printed designs.

  • Maintenance

    Unlike convection systems infrared heating doesn't require a connection to existing plumbing and gas: our panels plug directly into mains electricity and have no moving parts. With our 90 month warranty you’ll have peace of mind that your home will be comfortable and cosy whenever you need it to be.

  • Installation

    Whether you plan to have infrared panels in a single room or the whole house, the installation process is simple. It’s also very easy to scale up, adding to your system systematically as you go.

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