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heater panel in a restaurant


In a restaurant, the comfort of your clientele is just as important as the menu - infrared heaters bring innovation and style to your space and can greatly enhance dining experiences in almost any setting…

Enhancing the dining experience

Successful restaurants offer their guests both delicious food and comfortable surroundings. Creating this kind of dining experience is easier said than done: in restaurants, convection heaters take up valuable space which could be used for extra covers and often clash with the carefully co-ordinated aesthetics of the environment. When maintenance issues arise, plumbing work is often required - and can result in costly disruptions to service.

The new heating has been a stroke of genius. My energy bills have reduced, we have a nice comfortable temperature throughout the restaurant and we now have 34 covers as opposed to the 26 previously. It’s a win win win scenario for me

Paul McMillan, Castlehill Restaurant Owner

dining area

Dining Areas

The focal point of the restaurant experience: Redwell infrared heating panels keep customers comfortable and increase space for additional covers.


Waiting Areas, Lounges & Bars

Communal areas are becoming increasingly important to diners. Pre-meal appetisers, post-meal coffee and petit fours: infrared heat creates comfortable temperatures quickly and easily.

back of house

Back of House

Staff areas, corridors, changing rooms, staff dining rooms: comfortable staff areas help keep your business running. Ensure employees don’t feel the chill as they carry out their roles.



Hallways, corridors: remove drafts and keep customers consistently comfortable as they move between areas within your restaurant.

Find out how infrared can transform your restaurants heating system and style:

  • Space

    Flat and unobtrusive, Redwell infrared panel heaters can be installed against walls or on ceilings to maximise available space for more covers or to simply enhance the dining experience.

  • Installation

    Powered by electricity, infrared panels plug directly into mains electricity which means minimum disruption to business and, unlike convection systems, no need for expensive plumbing work. Simply plug in and enjoy the heat.

  • Style

    Flat infrared panels can be printed with bespoke artwork and photography, complementing surrounding decor while also providing comforting heat. Panels may also feature mirrored surfaces ideal for dual-purpose use in restaurant bathrooms.

  • Hygiene

    Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount in any food-serving environment. Redwell infrared heaters generate less dust and moisture than convection heaters making them easier to clean while enhancing the experience of clientele with asthma or chest problems. Healthier dining experiences translate to more positive reviews.

  • Comfort

    Wifi thermostats offer an unprecedented level of control over temperature levels across the restaurant - meaning a more consistent, comfortable level of heat across the entire dining area.

  • Repair

    Since they contain no moving parts, infrared panels require minimal maintenance work and create minimal disruption to normal service when repair is required. We offer a 90 month product warranty for added peace of mind.

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