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Salons and Treatment Rooms

Salons and treatment rooms should offer their customers indulgent, therapeutic experiences in eye-catching surroundings. Infrared technology can help achieve those goals - with heating devices designed to suit any setting.

Customer care and comfort

Salons and treatment rooms experience frequent temperature fluctuations as equipment is turned on and off, and as customers enter and exit between appointments. Salon environments come in all shapes and sizes and offer a range of services but drafts can quickly spoil the therapeutic experience. Similarly, salon style and aesthetic are crucial to attracting new business: customers who come to improve their own appearance may be left unconvinced by ugly decor. Older convection heaters pose a number of problems for salons: aside from taking up space, they offer inconsistent heat, attract dust and moisture and can spoil the carefully co-ordinated appearance of treatment environments.

The new infrared heating system install was quick and easy - showcasing our creative collections while increasing valuable retail space. Stylists and clients have been amazed at how innovative they are and the performance is amazing.

Kay McIntyre, owner of McIntyres Salons, Dundee.

treatment area

Treatment Areas

The focal point of the salon: Redwell infrared heating panels can enhance the treatment experience, generating positive feedback and increasing revenue.

waiting area

Waiting Areas

Waiting rooms, reception areas: infrared heating can keep customers comfortable and happy as they wait for their appointment.

back of house

Retail Space

Infrared heating doesn't just promote comfortable salon environments but allows valuable space to be freed up for the showcase and sale of specialist products.



Hallways, corridors: remove drafts and keep customers consistently comfortable as they move between areas within your premises.

How can infrared help your salon?

  • Salon style

    Redwell's infrared heating panels can be customised with bespoke artwork, photography or even mirrors. In a salon, infrared panels are an ideal way to exhibit photographs of hairstyles and products or offer ideas and inspiration to clients as they wait.

  • Convenience

    Salons can be busy environments, filled with specialist equipment. Flat and unobtrusive, Redwell panel heaters can be installed in almost every type of room or environment - meaning your business doesn't have to change to accommodate your heating system.

  • Accurate heat

    Temperatures in salons fluctuate as appliances, like hairdryers, are turned on and off, and as customers enter and exit. Infrared heating panels can be controlled easily, quickly and accurately by individual thermostats.

  • Hygienic heat

    Cleanliness is crucial to the salon experience. Since infrared panels attract less dust and moisture than convection heaters, they are not only easier to clean but more hygienic - and deliver enhanced customer treatment experiences.

  • Personal comfort

    The shape and size of Redwell infrared heating panels allow for individual stations to receive their own directional heat - accounting for changes in temperature in different parts of the salon.

  • Maximise retail space

    Most salons offer specialist products for sale - Redwell panels mean more room to showcase and sell.

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