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Outside view of Cottage Hotel

The Sunflower Room Infrared Heating

The Sunflower Room is a bright, modern spa at the centre of Dundee. Popular with locals and those travelling from further afield, The Sunflower Room has cultivated a strong, recognisable brand identity throughout its premises: a simplified, minimal background aesthetic which features splashes of fresh colour and floral motifs. Sunflower Room customers expect a personalised, relaxing and rejuvenating experience in the heart of the city, and that is exactly what they get.


The Sunflower Room is a busy working spa, which meant customers were entering and exiting the premises frequently - in Dundee's changeable climate that increased the potential for drafts. Added to that was the need to complement the spa's focused appearance and aesthetic - which emphasises nature, beauty and health by incorporating vivid colour and floral designs into its decor. Another consideration: central to the Sunflower Room's reputation is the promotion of personal health and wellness - conventional convection heaters can circulate dust and promote moisture and bacteria, which can worsen the spa experience for customers with asthma or chest complaints.

Recommended measures

To combat drafts and provide the spa's treatment area with a consistent temperature, Redwell infrared panels were chosen. Flat and unobtrusive, Redwell panels are well suited to address another important environmental consideration - maintaining the spa's elegant style and appearance.

  1. Consistent heat: Redwell panels generate infrared heat which acts directly on surfaces and objects - allowing for consistent comfort throughout waiting and treatment areas and minimising the disruption caused by outside drafts.
  2. Appearance: each Redwell panel can be customised with an individual design - perfectly complementing the existing branding and decor of the Sunflower Room. The flat panels also maximise space, enhancing customer experience in waiting areas, and private treatment rooms.
  3. Health and wellness: research shows that infrared heat can deliver a range of health benefits - helping with joint pain, rheumatism and skin complaints - the perfect addition to a therapeutic spa environment.
  4. Control: each Redwell panel can be controlled via thermostat - giving staff the ability to precisely manage temperatures in different areas of the spa.


Redwell panels were installed on several walls in the spa, including the waiting area and nail bar. Each panel was custom designed with colourful floral artwork, while the one installed above the nail bar featured a bold 'Sunflower Room' branded design.

The Redwell panels chosen for the Sunflower Room installation were:

Recommended Products

Redwell Mirror Heating Panel

Mirror Heating Panel

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Redwell Round Heating Panel

Round Heating Panel

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Redwell Picture Panel
Redwell Picture Panel
Redwell Picture Panel

Results Summary

Once installed, the Redwell panels were indistinguishable from hanging artwork, seamlessly blending into the existing 'natural' aesthetic of the spa. The space saved by the panels ensured the premises remained bright and open while maintaining a level of cosy comfort which fit the spa's therapeutic atmosphere. Finally, the healthy, clean heat provided by the panels ensured the rejuvenating atmosphere of the Sunflower Room was maintained - and contributed to the goal of providing customers with the best possible treatment experience.

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The new heating system is great. The old boiler with radiators was always breaking down so we could never get all the rooms to a nice temperature, which is important for our clients. I would certainly recommend Redwell to anyone needing a new heating system.

Jennifer Comiskey, owner