Bringing Warmth to the Sunflower Rooms

Posted by David Small
Sunflower Room treatment lounge with Redwell Heating Panels

Summer has arrived bringing with it the chance to refresh and renew body & mind. At the Sunflower Room in Dundee, RedwellGB was asked to create a heating system which evoked colour and beauty through the unique appeal of the spa...

Spa heating projects always present specific challenges: a heating system is such an important part of the therapeutic process that the smallest detail can spoil a customer's experience. Like all our commercial assignments, we wanted to understand the Sunflower Room's brand before we began our work installing a new infrared system. To do this, we examined the spa's philosophy: what it offered its customers and what people found most appealing about it.

Colour And Beauty

We realised very quickly that the Sunflower Room emphasised lively colour as part of its style. The spa's waiting room is filled with splashes of warm yellow, orange and red, along with multicoloured floral artwork against a white background. Those colours and floral themes carry through to the rest of the spa, including the nail bar and treatment rooms, creating a clean, calming effect conducive to the therapeutic experiences expected by customers.

It was our job to match the Sunflower Room's 'personality' with an infrared heating solution that would not only blend seamlessly with it’s surroundings, but also provide effective and efficient heating. With its revitalising, flexible and precision heating capabilities, infrared represented the perfect match for the spa's needs. Customers would be kept comfortable in every corner of the spa while the precision control would allow spa staff to improve energy efficiency and react quickly to temperature changes. The range of heaters we installed included:

  • Private Print panels with bespoke floral designs bringing colour and lively character
  • Neutral white-surfaced panels which blended into the background so as not to disrupt treatment processes
  • Space-saving slim, 'WE Line' panels which freed up room for treatment equipment and increased customer comfort

Sunflower Rooms uses Redwell GB infrared heating panels.

Vital Heat

One of infrared technology's most overlooked advantages, and one specifically suited to the Sunflower Room's brand and atmosphere, is the healthy, revitalising and rejuvenating heat that it radiates. Studies have shown that infrared heat can aid the treatment of a number of physiological conditions and complaints:

  • Skin treatment: infrared penetrates deep into body tissue, not only delivering a more comforting experience but even promoting healing processes - with this in mind, infrared heat holds potential anti-ageing benefits.
  • Joint pain: the deep-penetrative effect of infrared also contributes to the relief of joint pain in anything from minor aches to chronic complaints.
  • Circulation: infrared heat encourages the body to increase blood flow to muscles and limbs - healthy circulation is vital to a healthy body.
  • Respiration: infrared heating panels attract far less dust and moisture than convection heating systems, meaning customers with chest complaints enjoy a more relaxing spa visit.

Heat For Body And Mind

Summer is a time when everyone wants to not only look their best but feel their best - at the Sunflower Room, infrared technology is actively contributing to the services customers look forward to when they book an appointment. Redwell offers more than just a heating system and we were able to demonstrate just how flexible and multi-faceted the technology is with our Sunflower Room project.

If you're feeling like a pick-me-up, for both body and mind, and if you're in Dundee, take a trip down to the Sunflower Room and explore the treatments they offer... you'll feel all the better for it!