Dundee's Business Future: Redwell Joins the DACC

Posted by David Small
Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce

In April, Redwell joined the Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce. With links to hundreds of businesses and organisation across the region, with the DACC we'll make sure we're at the forefront of a new chapter in our city's business story…

At Redwell, we're never looking to simply make up the numbers - we want to be an active part of our community, meeting and connecting with people from every corner of industry. With that goal in mind, joining the DACC was an easy decision and one which promises to bring plenty of exciting new opportunities.

First and foremost, membership of the DACC means that Redwell is at the heart of one of the UK's most prolific business communities. We'll become visible on the DACC's online directory and on its quarterly magazine In Commerce. The listings will put us in front of literally tens of thousands of businesses and over half a million fellow professionals. Membership includes more than a few business perks, including:

  • a 24/7 helpline for staffing queries

  • an online toolkit of contracts and other useful templates

  • access to meeting rooms and other facilities

  • access to free legal advice and expenses

  • healthcare, fuel card and other discounts

All in, membership impacts a wide swath of the small-to-medium business' average needs but, beyond those benefits - and the useful print and internet listings - the DACC delivers another even more valuable resource: other people. DACC membership brings practical networking opportunities, including a regular programme of events, lectures and activities throughout the year. If special business events aren't your cup of tea, it's worth remembering, DACC events aren't all work and no play: there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in a range of contexts - from wildlife centres and castles, to museums and golf courses... we've earmarked a few interesting days out already.

Joining an organisation like the DACC is more than a way to raise our profile and win new customers - it's a chance to have a say in how things are done across Scotland's wider business family. We want to not only benefit from the support membership brings, but get involved, support other businesses ourselves and leave a legacy which will keep our region on the map both nationally and across the world. We'll be taking advantage of DACC business events which include professional mentoring services, lectures on business practice and opportunities to meet influential politicians, leaders and media personalities. We’re keen to contribute as well, and will be delighted to offer our showroom at Seabraes as a venue for DACC or its members to host business breakfasts, networking events and meetings. If you’re looking for a venue for your event, give us a call.

Ultimately we want to make sure we're a part of what is promising to be an exciting new era in Dundee's business history - an era already well underway. Recently the Dundee Waterfront Regeneration Project saw £1.1 billion pumped into the city, paving the way for a raft of new businesses in the area and a potential 700 new jobs. The regeneration is just the tip of the iceberg - people are flocking to Dundee: our tourism industry alone is worth £55 million, 40,000 students study at our colleges and universities every year and skilled workers in every sector contribute to an atmosphere of innovation and creativity.

Innovative, sustainable and practical, infrared heating technology is idea for the kind of business culture growing throughout our region and we want to do everything we can to promote it. Putting down roots in our region is something Redwell aims to do wherever we are: the DACC is going to help us grow our family and expand our potential to impact on the world around us - we're excited to see what the next year brings.