Heating Controls Go Next-Gen

Posted by David Small
Redwell GB offers a variety of smart heating controls

Infrared heating technology offers us an unprecedented level of control over temperature. But how does this new generation of heating control work?

The next generation of heating controls represents a revolution - allowing home and business owners to see how much energy they're using, monitor routines and even control their heaters' remotely. We've mentioned before that one of biggest advantages of infrared heat over traditional convection systems is the precision with which it allows owners to control the temperature of their rooms and buildings. That control extends not only to heat levels but, since 'next generation' thermostats are programmable, to the times at which heating activates and deactivates.

Greater Control, Greater Efficiency

Heating is regularly cited as the biggest drain on energy bills for both homes and businesses. Next generation controls are ushering in a new era of energy efficiency by helping us to react quickly to temperature changes and introducing 'zoned' heating: different areas of heat within different sections of the building.

How do they achieve this level of control? In addition to conventional wired interfaces (and in-home wireless interfaces), Redwell's 'smart' thermostats can be linked - via apps - to smartphones and tablets. The app interface lets you use your device as a mobile control panel, with the same capabilities you'd have in your home. Smart controls give you full remote control of your heating system whether you're at work, or on holiday on the other side of the world!

Smart heating is easy

Our Next-Gen Thermostats

Smart controls work so well with infrared systems because, like Redwell panels, they require very little installation work: small and innocuous, they can be fitted almost anywhere in your home and blend with surrounding decor. To cater to the diverse projects we are involved with, Redwell offer a range of smart heating controls to work with our heating panels:

  • Heatmiser NeoStat

    A flexible thermostat capable of connection to iPads and smartphones for remote use. The NeoStat allows for up to 32 different rooms to be programmed individually - and instantly updated if temperatures change. The thermostat itself presents a  bright and intuitive digital display with easy-to-read controls. Although the heating signal is hard wired, the communication data is sent wirelessly via a mesh network to the neoHub.

  • Honeywell evohome

    The evohome is a wireless control device designed to bring convenience to any heating system. Temperatures are controlled through a wireless touchpad, smartphone or tablet and routines can be entered into a smart schedule which intuitively recognises when to start and stop the heating system. The evohome allows for the creation of up to 12 heating zones and adapts each zone to changing seasons - even when you're hundreds of miles away.

  • Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat

    The Single Zone can be fitted anywhere in the home and used as a control for one heater or, through the Honeywell app, wirelessly as a programmable thermostat for 12 separate zones.  The thermostat uses an extremely intuitive control system - a twist dial - and links to your router for completely remote access.

App display on iPhone and thermostat controls

Making  Efficiency Easier

Of course, next generation, smart thermostats aren't the complete solution to energy efficiency - there's still a lot to be gained from good heating practice and your own initiative: closing doors, turning off heating in vacant rooms...

Redwell heaters do however bring their own unique benefits to the energy efficiency revolution: our next generation heating controls can make the whole upgrade process significantly easier and are the ideal complement to infrared heating technology. If you're thinking of enhancing your home's energy efficiency... next generation heating control isn't just the right choice, it's the smartest choice.

Are you tired of inefficient heating systems? Could 'smart' wireless thermostats  help you cut energy bills? Let us know what you think about our range of smart heating controls...