Introducing An Award-Winning New Product: The Infrasmile '2in1'

Posted by David Small

Infrared technology makes it possible to heat our homes and businesses with unprecedented efficiency and sustainability. We wanted to create a product which combined the advantages of infrared with the ability to light its environment...

We're always pushing the capabilities and applications of infrared technology and our customers are always looking for products which will contribute both practicality and aesthetically to their homes and businesses. With this in mind, we wanted to focus on a very common practical problem: combining heat and light in one device without compromising the quality of either. 

Classically, in large rooms or workspaces, heating and light are separate: lighting fixtures attached to the ceiling, heaters fixed to the wall or integrated into a ventilation system. Using the formal flexibility of infrared technology (our panels can be installed on any flat surface) we saw an opportunity to cut down on the wasted space and inefficiency of separate heat and light systems and deliver both in one device: the Infrasmile '2in1'.

How does it work?

The Infrasmile 2in1 provides heat and light to its surroundings. It features a 360 degree infrared heating element surrounding an energy saving LED fixture. Infrared is so useful in this context since its radiant heat acts directly on objects and surfaces (rather than relying on air currents) to provide a consistent, comfortable temperature, even in large spaces. Getting into the technical details, we've created three sizes of the 2in1, which offer up to 3400 watts of heat and 300 watts of light. The high quality LED chips we use mean that no heat builds up within the lighting element - the lamps remain perfectly cool even as the infrared element delivers warmth.

Combining applications preserves resources and promotes efficiency: rooms will be cleaner in every sense of the word, more comfortable and more open - leaving our customers to decide how to use their space without worrying about where to fit bulky convection heaters.

Where can I use it?

The 2in1 device is a suspended ceiling installation - hanging like a conventional lamp it is designed to work in a range of environments. We want to see it in offices and other commercial buildings where it could heat meeting rooms, reception areas or other communal spaces like lunch rooms and waiting rooms. Similarly, it could be fitted in restaurants or hotels: the space saved would mean more room for covers in a dining area, or more room for guests in a hotel room.

Infrasmile Infrared Lighting

Thinking bigger, the 2in1 has been designed to suit large-volume areas: atriums, galleries, churches, sports halls and conference venues are examples of spaces which would greatly benefit from the heat it provides. We want the 2in1 to be used as an innovative, elegant alternative to convection heat - and a device which removes the need for extensive heating ventilation systems.

Industrialising the Sun

In the 2in1, we like to say 'we have industrialised the sun' - it's not an exaggeration, without infrared technology we wouldn't have been able to develop a combination heat & light system which is so flexible and adaptable. The 2in1 seems to be striking a chord: in 2015 we won the Energy Globe Burgenland award and the Red Dot: Product Design award, beating 4,928 other entries. The Red Dot award is particularly special since it judges on criteria like functionality, innovation, quality and ecological compatibility - all central principles behind our infrared ethos.

While we're thrilled with the industrial recognition we're receiving, we're more excited to take the 2in1 to its next step: our customers. The best test for a new product is the real world, and we think the Infrasmile 2in1 is another excellent reason to bring infrared technology into your working world.