Reliable Heat, Rural Beauty: Redwell Visits New Cottage

Posted by David Small
Redwood products in New Cottage's master bedroom.

A failing boiler can give you a big headache, especially during the winter - but if you live in a remote location, the problem can seem worse. In rural Angus, Redwell were asked to provide an ageing cottage with a modern solution to its heating woes...

Angus is one of Scotland's most captivating regions with landscapes taking in sweeping glens, dramatic mountains and idyllic settlements. The area is steeped in history and seen by many to be the birthplace of modern Scotland: the Declaration of Arbroath was signed at Arbroath Abbey in 1320.

That historic heritage is reflected in Angus' ancient dwellings: wherever you go, you're never far from a castle, a church - or a stone cottage... and many of these structures have been converted into modern homes. Unfortunately, when age begins to take its toll on properties like these, heating systems are the first to show weaknesses. Infrared technology, however, offers specific solutions to this problem...

Rural Problems

Redwell, of course, does a lot of work around urban environments across Scotland and the UK, but we're also involved in many projects which take us out to rural locations, including Angus. 'New Cottage' is a quintessential historic Angus property: a semi detached, stone-built cottage with plenty of idyllic rural appeal. The cottage had been converted into a three-bedroom family home but, thanks to its age, was beginning to experience boiler problems.

While many homes face boiler issues, in rural areas the effects are often felt more intensely: a region like Angus experiences its fair share of inclement weather and, like many isolated locations, it can be tricky getting a swift response from engineers. New Cottage's boiler was oil-fired device and fed a wet central heating system to deliver convection heat.

The problem with traditional convection systems is the dust and moisture they attract, which causes mould and rust and generally contributes to a growing list of maintenance issues as they age. Since the boiler at New Cottage was failing more and more frequently, what the owners were really looking for in their new heating system, was the peace of mind that they could keep their family home warm and cosy throughout the year.

cottage dining room with picture heater panel on wall

Infrared To The Rescue

A clear benefit of infrared technology - one which isn't mentioned as much as its higher efficiency and practical flexibility - is its potential to reduce or even eliminate maintenance problems.

  • Infrared heating panels involve no moving parts, consisting of a carbon heating element completely by electricity, concealed behind a surface casing.

  • The infrared heat emitted by the panel, attracts less airborne dust, pollen and bacteria, which means less degradation to heating components within the device.

  • Powered by electricity, infrared heating panels plug into existing wiring, avoiding the need for complex (and costly) gas connection work to be carried out.

  • While maintenance issues are rare, when they do occur, infrared panels can be disconnected from the wall with minimum disruption.

Out With The Old

Of course, the introduction of the new system brought with it the normal advantages of infrared, which include  greater efficiency, precision temperature control (to further reduce waste) and customisability (we produced several "private print" panels for the property). However, the net gain for the owners of New Cottage was a reliable, robust heating and the reassurance they wouldn't be calling the repairman every other week.

Infrared has turned a potential problem property into the modern, luxurious home it was meant to be. Thanks to the technology, the owners of New Cottage can enjoy their surroundings in cosy comfort - even saving energy as an added benefit, which in itself helps to preserve the beauty of rural Angus by reducing carbon emissions.

Are you experiencing gas central heating problems? Do you think infrared could help your remote property - drop us a line here...