Infrared Across the UK: Redwell's South West Office Opens

Posted by David Small
Redwell Southwest Location Page Screenshot

Redwell works in countries across the world to bring cutting edge infrared technology to as many people as possible. Opening our South West office in Plymouth is a chance to explore a new region and connect with a new group of customers…

We opened our office in Plymouth in order to better serve customers and clients in every corner of the UK. Our premises, located at Reynolds Park, is a modern, accessible facility which covers England's South West with our full range of services and products. Plymouth is a great fit for Redwell: we're situated on the eastern edge of the city, right next to the sprawling green fields of the Devon countryside. While it's certainly a scenic part of the country, classic British weather means we all need to think about heating our homes and businesses when the temperature drops!

Connecting With People

In fact, Plymouth is an ideal base for connecting with people and projects around the South West. Infrared heating technology is becoming increasingly popular - especially in the hospitality and leisure industries in large part thanks to the innovative space saving, health and aesthetic advantages of heating panels. As an example: in March, we travelled to Bournemouth for the Care Show 2015 where we were able to meet face to face with representatives of the industry and discuss the advantages of infrared technology to residents of care homes. Talking personally to other attendees, we gained a new understanding of the importance of energy efficiency to the care industry - and which products are going to be most useful for that client base.

We've also co-ordinated refurbishment projects in the region: at the Cottage Hotel in Devon, Redwell infrared panel heaters were used to transform the guest dining area. Redwell flat infrared panels were fitted to the walls and featured eye-catching bespoke photography - a personal design touch which connected the new heating system to the style and character of its surroundings. Now, diners at the hotel enjoy their meals unaware that the artwork around them is keeping the room cosy and comfortable.

Not just another retail space

We've got many more projects in motion and upcoming in the region, but both the Care Show and the Cottage Hotel project embody the motivation behind setting up an office in Plymouth: we want to not only reach new customers, but let customers reach us. A big part of our approach to business is collaboration: our aim is to help customers understand the potential of our heating products for their homes or businesses and, at the same time, gain an understanding of their needs.

This approach fed into the design of our South West Office (and carried through to our headquarters in Dundee). We didn't want to create 'just another retail space', we wanted to immerse visitors in the possibilities of infrared heat. When you enter our premises, you'll find an array of heating products - working models from our catalogue which demonstrate infrared technology in the 'real world': printed panels featuring artwork and photography, shaped circular panels, mirrored panels and domed ceiling heaters. Our showroom is a place for everyone involved in your project and we're happy to welcome designers, artists and architects in to discuss your vision together.

If you're thinking of refurbishing your property, or are looking for a way to enhance the style and aesthetic of your space, infrared heating systems represent the perfect alternative to bulky conventional convection systems. Call us today to arrange a meeting or conduct a product demonstration - at our place or yours - we'll be happy to sit down and find out exactly how infrared technology can help you.