Renfields Hair and Beauty Receives a Luxury Infrared Makeover

Posted by David Small
Renfields Hair and Beauty Salon Case Study

Everybody likes to be pampered now and again but at Renfields Hair and Beauty, luxury has to be delivered every day of the week. With a renovation underway, Redwell were called in to ensure the salon's heating didn't spoil the customer experience...

A number of factors are important to a salon experience: the expertise of staff, the type of treatments offered and the comfort of the premises itself. Renfields Hair and Beauty wanted to create a state-of-the-art salon experience in their brand new Glasgow premises - a renovated unit in the centre of the city. Renfields wanted to build their brand around their flagship salon but were missing a crucial piece of the puzzle: a heating system.

Salon Challenges

The size and shape of the unit Renfields was converting into a salon meant that installing a conventional heating system would be difficult: bringing in a gas supply was going to be prohibitively expensive while bulky radiators would take up valuable space and make things cramped for customers. Preserving the luxury experience was paramount for management - so they asked us to create a heating solution which blended seamlessly with their brand and provided practical, comforting heat for every customer.

There are a number of heating challenges inherent to a salon environment:

  • Appliances being turned on and off constantly.
  • Customers entering and exiting bringing in cold air, or letting heat escape.
  • Customer movement within the salon, between treatment stations.
  • Different areas of the salon (e.g. hair station, nail bar, tanning room)  requiring different temperature levels for ideal customer comfort.
  • Choosing a heating system which does not disrupt the premises' brand aesthetic.

We were aware that each treatment 'experience' within Renfields needed to be calibrated with the new infrared heating system to meet the expectations of customers. Fortunately, we were able to consult on the renovation as it took place - after visiting the unit and examining lay-out drawings, we were able to present a heating solution which both took into account the environment but also contributed to the luxury salon experience Renfields were trying to create.

Secret Weapon

Rolling Wave Product Image

The flexibility of infrared technology was, once again, our secret weapon in the Renfields project. We used a variety of products to create the effect the management wanted, including glass panels mounted above hair stations to provide directional heat, a dual-purpose mirror panel in the salon's tanning room, and a series of spherical Rollingwave heaters suspended above the reception area to create an eye-catching ceiling feature. Each infrared panel or device was chosen to complement its surroundings and the function of its specific 'zone'.

The idea of individual 'zones' continued, as we also installed Salus thermostats to let staff control each heating device with incredible precision. Now, despite the fluctuating temperature levels - and the inevitable drafts from the Glasgow climate - staff are able to keep customers comfortable and cosy in every zoned heating area of the salon.

Innovation + Communication =  Success

The Renfields project emphasises how useful infrared technology is to complex heating problems: the salon presented a long list of challenges but with a little innovation and great communication with the client, we were able to deliver a remarkable heating transformation. Renfields' salon has been opened for some time now, so if you're in Glasgow, go and experience the infrared makeover for yourself!

Have you solved a heating challenge with infrared technology? Do you have a retail space which needs its own infrared makeover? Let us know here…