Seabraes House: Redwell's New Home

Posted by David Small
Seabraes Dundee

Redwell is a global family and with locations all across the world - from Europe to North America. Redwell's UK home is Dundee, and has been for some time, but in late April, we'll be making the move to a new premises.

Don't worry, we're not moving far - our office switch is going to take us from one corner of the city to another. Our current location, the Wester Gourdie industrial estate at the western edge of the city, has become too small for our growing operation so we've decided to begin a new chapter in Redwell's history by moving to Seabraes House on the banks of the River Tay.

Seabraes House is only a short drive from our old base, but puts us at the beating heart of Dundee. In recent years, the city centre has grown into a vibrant, thriving area, home to a huge range of national and international organisations so it made sense for us to relocate to such a rich area of business potential. Seabraes House is an impressive modern facility and aside from the obvious advantages of its location, it's only minutes from the train station, putting Redwell in an ideal position to connect with clients from across the rest of the United Kingdom.

A creative, collaborative hub

We didn't just move to Seabraes House for its impressive views. Our new premises is very different to conventional showroom and office set-ups you might encounter elsewhere. We want our headquarters to be a creative, collaborative hub, where clients, designers, architects,  and even artists can come together and discuss their vision for their project.

With that philosophy in mind, we have set up our office as a working space, in which visitors can discover first-hand the potential of infrared technology. Inside, we've created an expansive feature wall and seating area to display the full range of Redwell heating panels, each controlled by a synched room thermostat - just as they would be in your home or business. The wall includes a range of infrared products, including:

  • Infrared panels printed with bespoke artwork

  • A multi-use blackboard heating panel,

  • A mirrored panel ideal for bathrooms

  • A stylish, ceiling suspended ceiling Rollingwave 'Rondo' sphere heater

To accompany the display area, we've created a domestic kitchen set-up and corporate boardroom, both designed to show visitors how our products might look, feel and function in a real life context. We wanted to use our space to show our heating systems 'in action' because it's important that clients get a better understanding not just how infrared technology works, but just how big an advantage it is for the space and aesthetic of the environments in which it is installed.

Experience Redwell Heating for yourself

The main reason for our Seabraes House move is to open up our operation to clients so that we can offer a firstand experience of infrared technology - in an atmosphere which encourages creativity and a focus on the possibilities for your project.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, we'd like to welcome you to our new Dundee office. We open our doors for business on the 20th of April, 2015: feel free to contact us to arrange a visit or, if you'd prefer, we can come to you - we're happy to conduct site visits or even set up a demonstration of one of our many infrared heating products!