Sustainable Holidays: Infrared technology in the heart of Prague

Posted by David Small

In the heart of historic Prague, the Hotel Ankora carried out an installation project involving Redwell infrared heating panels. The tourism industry is a big part of the sustainable energy revolution, but In a city steeped in history, is there a place for modern efficiency technology?

Prague is one of Europe's most ancient and captivating destinations. From the grand Castle and the Charles Bridge, to St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town Square, almost every street in the centre of the Czech capital holds some sort of world famous landmark. The Hotel Ankora is situated in Prague's 2nd District, an area known for its vibrant, tidy streets, bubbly metropolitan atmosphere and popularity with tourists. The hotel itself reflects the culture and character of its historic surroundings but also incorporates Prague's modern side, with each room offering cosy space and comfort only minutes from the beating heart of the city. 

The hotel wanted to install Redwell panels in each of the guest rooms and on the ground floor - a space totalling 800 square metres and with an output of 40KW per hour. It's worth pointing out that infrared offers a range of energy saving perks but the hotel setting poses a unique set of challenges. Chief amongst those for the Hotel Ankora was maintaining the building's appeal to guests: a clean, comfortable tourist sanctuary with a range of modern conveniences. 

One of the most obvious reasons heating panels make so much sense in a hotel is their size and shape. Rooms with multiple guests can quickly start to feel cluttered and no-one wants to be tripping over furniture or luggage. Flat, unobtrusive and discreet, Redwell panels preserve the shape of the rooms, fitting against walls without hogging precious space or compromising other features.

The second big advantage in choosing Redwell panels is their potential to match surrounding styles - an important part of any hotel's identity. Our products can be printed with bespoke designs: solid colour, personalised artwork or even mirrored surfaces. The installed panels, positioned above beds in the Hotel Ankora’s rooms, feature floral photographic designs. Contrasting with the neutral decor and bedding, the panels actually add a splash of colour and character to their surroundings and bring the space to life. Panels were also fitted in the hotel's bathrooms which were designed to double as large face-height mirrors - another useful space-saving feature made possible by our products' aesthetic flexibility.

By necessity, hotel rooms handle a huge number of guests - in a famous city like Prague that number is increased. Guest turnover was always a factor for the hotel management's decision on infrared: unlike conventional heating systems, the energy doesn't generate dust or bacteria, which means guests with asthma or similar health complaints are guaranteed a good night's rest. That's not the only benefit: less grime makes cleaning rooms, during and between occupancies, quicker and easier. Multiply the time and effort saved for every room in the Hotel Ankora and you're looking at a significant saving - not to mention the boost to guest experiences. 


Another knock-on consideration: all Redwell panels can be precisely controlled by thermostat, which means far less wasted heat in every room in the hotel. Prague can get cold and its climate is notoriously changeable - infrared heating works on objects almost instantaneously, meaning guests who are trying to get cosy spend less time finding the temperature they desire. Since they're powered by electricity, Redwell panels offer another benefit for staff: they don't have any of the maintenance problems associated with convection systems. Fewer problems translates to less hassle for guests and more positive reviews. 

The Hotel Ankora installation demonstrates how innovative sustainable technology is a global phenomenon - and can be used to enhance the energy efficiency of almost any environment. Redwell heating systems are so discreet that it's likely guests aren't even aware of the technology working to keep them comfortable - but their experiences translate directly into savings for the hotel itself and good word of mouth on the review sites. It's a mutually beneficial relationship: Redwell takes care of the temperature while the Hotel Ankora takes care of its guests!

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