The Cornwall Home & Lifestyle Show: Post-attendance Review

Posted by David Small
RedwellGB's Infrared heating Stand at the Cornwall Home & Lifestyle Show

2015 has been a busy year for Redwell: in addition to moving headquarters and opening our South West Office, we've attended a number of industry shows - including the famous Cornwall Home and Lifestyle Show, which took place in May.

Since we opened our new South West Office in Plymouth, we wanted to make sure we put our best foot forward at the Cornwall Home and Lifestyle Show, letting potential customers from across the region see who we are and what we do. After setting up our stand in the Royal Cornwall Showground, we felt prepared for a busy weekend...

A Phenomenal Response

The show took place on a rainy bank holiday weekend but, almost from the moment doors opened, we were inundated by visitors - so many in fact, that we had to draft in extra staff for the show's second day. It was thrilling to see so many people with an interest in the technology - and eager to explore the potential it held for their projects.

The rain actually did us a favour: people got to experience the comforting heat of infrared directly. That being said, as innovative as it is, infrared is still a relatively new player on the heating scene, so a lot of customers are unaware of its applications and it's fair to say we saw a lot of pleasantly surprised reactions. It's always a pleasure to be able to tell people about the benefits of our infrared panels : over 55% more efficient than electric storage systems, easy to control, flexible... and of course, each sold with a 90 month Redwell guarantee!

Redwell's Stand



The Redwell stand was designed to showcase our infrared panels and allow visitors to chat with us about them. We chose our demo panels to give visitors a broad flavour of the potential of infrared and, of course, offer inspiration for their own projects - which were a range of self-build projects, new build projects, projects not yet out of the planning stage... and everything in between. With that in mind, our stand featured:

  • Blackboard panel: A practical panel product ideal for the kitchen, which doubles as a useful blackboard... With chalk provided, our demo panel was very popular with younger attendees of the show!
  • Ceiling-mounted panel: One of infrared's greatest strengths is its flexibility and our round, ceiling-mounted panel embodies this - providing comforting heat from above while saving space on the walls and at ground level.
  • Bespoke "Private Print" panels: Infrared isn't just about providing heat - our panels can be customised with printed designs to complement surrounding decor - heating your home and enhancing its appearance.
  • Glass panels: elegant and customisable, glass panels can be used to add style and decadence to any environment.
  • Thermostatic controls: high-precision controls which come in both wired and wifi varieties and add another level of convenience to infrared heat.

Given how many panels we brought along for demonstration and the popularity of our stand, it's fair to say our point about infrared's space-saving qualities has been proven!

Ideas and Inspiration

We were particularly looking forward to the Cornwall Home and Lifestyle show because we had been invited to give a seminar on 'Understanding Infrared Technology'. Nic Black, our MD, delivered the seminar to a packed auditorium, talking about the functionality of our panels, how the technology offers advantages over traditional convection systems, and even the emerging therapeutic health benefits of infrared heat.

Of course, It wasn't just customers we were able to connect with at the show - but fellow industry professionals. The show is a valuable chance for us to network and many of the businesses we talked to were so interested in our products they were inspired to work with us as Redwell Sales Partners.

With the show over for another year, we couldn't have been more excited to get started on the projects we'd signed up - and of course, we look forward to returning to Cornwall for the next event... let's just hope the weather is better!

Images courtesy of LESW Event Photography. You can find them, along with others from the Cornwall Home & Lifestyle Show, here.