Unlock Your Infrared Potential with New Online Tools

Posted by David Small
Customise your Redwell GB heating experience with our online tools!

If you're thinking about a heating upgrade, but wondering how infrared technology might fit into your home, take a look at a couple of Redwell's useful new site features...

When you decide to change your home or business' heating system, you'll ask yourself plenty of questions: what kind of heater do I need? Will it work with the style of my home? How much power will it require? But making the leap from a conventional convection-system to space-saving, energy-saving infrared technology doesn't have to be difficult or confusing.

New Tools

At Redwell, we're always working to ease the transition between heating systems. Part of our process is to speak to our clients - both home and business owners - to really understand what kind of infrared product will work best with their premises. Our headquarters in Dundee features a number of fully-functioning show-environments, in which visitors can see our products in action, but we wanted to give our customers the ability to pre-visualise what type of Redwell heater they might need, and what they might look like, from the very start of the process. To do that, we've introduced two new features to our website:

Room Wattage Calculator

The whole point of upgrading to infrared is to save energy and money by increasing your building's efficiency. In practice, this means selecting an infrared heater with a suitable wattage for the room in which it will be installed. To make this easier, we've created a 'Wattage Calculator', which you can use to work out the kind of power you'll need for each room.

How it works: Simply input the width, length and height of your room into the calculator, add the type of building you're upgrading, and hit 'calculate'. The tool will not only work out how many Watts of power you'll need to heat the room, but tell you how many heaters you'll need to achieve that. Adding to that, the tool will also come up with a list of suggested heating devices from our infrared product range.

Redwell's Wattage Calculator tell you how many Redwell Gb infrared heating panels you need for your room

Customise Your Heater

One of the greatest benefits of Redwell heating panels is their potential for customisation. Panels can feature different coloured surfaces, printed photography and even bespoke designs which contribute colour and character to the rooms in which they are installed. To help clients predict how a panel heater will fit in their room, and what printed design might work best, we've developed an online customisation tool.

How it works: The customisation tool allows clients to select a number of room types - including lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining room - and then choose the shape of heating panel which they would like to install. The tool also allows the panels to be customised with printed designs and photography to demonstrate the sense of character which the panel will lend its surroundings.

Redwell GB allows you to customise your infrared heating panel

Even More Options

The Wattage Calculator and the Customisation tool aren't supposed to offer a final answer to your infrared heating plan but should give you a good sense of how the new system will fit in your home: the effect it will have on energy and how it will look and feel.

Of course, our personal consultations with clients are still vital to the installation process and besides, there are plenty of further customisation options you could choose for your Redwell panel heaters: from corporate branding to bespoke frames. You might even want to install innovative mirrored panels in bathrooms or hallways, to serve a useful dual-purpose!

Flexibility is synonymous with infrared heating and when you choose to upgrade, we want to make sure your panels live up to your expectations - for energy efficiency and for the appearance of your home or business.

Are you planning a heating upgrade? Do you want to customise your heating system to suit your home? Contact us here to arrange a free no obligation consultation...