Unlock Your Interior Design Potential With Redwell

Posted by David Small
Redwell GB Black Glass Heating Panel

During renovation projects, heating is often seen as a purely practical consideration... Redwell's focus on interior design is changing that preconception.

When building or renovating a house, a heating system is traditionally something that needs to fit around other factors. Conventional systems, like gas central heating, are cumbersome and awkward, involving no little amount of labour to connect to existing plumbing or gas supplies. Redwell's philosophy is different: we want our heating panels to be part of your interior design plan, offering possibilities for creativity and self-expression.

Infrared Creativity

Our heating panels are slim-line, elegant and adaptable to almost any environment. This flexibility is thanks to the integration of infrared technology with our design philosophy: an advanced carbon element embedded within a solid-state core and wrapped in a design to suit the space. The panels can be installed almost anywhere in a building (simply connect to an existing power source) and, since they can be fitted on walls or ceilings, save a significant amount of space compared to conventional heating systems.

Each Redwell heating panel is designed to offer ideas and inspiration for a variety of interior design approaches. Available in a variety of materials and surface finishes, they bring colour and creative energy to their space, while also delivering comforting heat.

Screenshot of Customise Your Heater tool showing a variety of select-able picture panels displayed on the wall of an example room

Possibilities For Your Project

So, what kind of interior design possibilities do Redwell panels offer? Here are a few ideas...

Mirror Panels:

Redwell's mirrored heating panels bring a subtle, attractive aesthetic to bathroom environments and serve a useful, space-saving dual purpose: comfort and warmth as you brush your teeth or check your make-up! Mirrored panels aren't just for bathrooms: the range includes round and rectangular panels, which are just as effective, and visually impressive mounted above the mantle or in the hallway.

Picture and Private Print Panels:

Available in a variety of sizes, these panels feature a range of colourful printed designs which may complement existing decor or serve as inspiration for pending projects. Printed panels can stand as subtle additions to their space or as eye-catching focus-points. Our 'private print' panels can also be customised to feature bespoke images - turning your heating system into a unique component of your interior design scheme.

Nr. Panels:

Nr. panels are free standing heaters that can be moved around your home or business to deliver a temperature boost. Busy family rooms and commercial spaces often need supplementary heating: Nr. panels are lightweight, elegant and minimalistic, so they can be positioned in a way which doesn't compromise your existing decor or design scheme.


Not all Redwell heaters are panels. The exclusive Rollingwave spherical heater is suspended from the ceiling to deliver heat to the space below. Available in white, bronze, black and silver, it's sculpted appearance creates a stunning focal point for the room, and is ideal for lobby, reception or stairway environments.

Redwell Rollingwave Spherical Heaters

No Longer A Chore

We want our clients to think about heating as an integral part of their design process - rather than a chore for which aesthetic compromises have to be made. To help position our products as part of a design philosophy, we've created a number of ways to build them into your project: our online tools allow you to calculate the wattage needed to heat your room, while our customisation tool allows you to visualise how your heater might look in your home.

Of course, we also offer personal inspiration: feel free to drop into one of our showrooms for a consultation. You can experience our full range of heaters in action, or even meet with your interior designer to discuss the possibilities for your project.

 Is your heating system holding your renovation project back? Are you looking for interior design inspiration? Redwell heaters could be the answer...