Why Visit Redwell?

Posted by David Small

The Redwell 'experience' offers clients more than just a consultation – our expanding network of showrooms across the country aim to change the way people think about heating their homes and businesses...

Interior Heating tends to be thought of only when needed: when the temperature drops, we expect our heating to be functional, efficient and reliable - and little else. While that practical functionality is essential to a comfortable home, at Redwell, we're changing the way people think about heating their environments.

Beyond practicality, we know Redwell heating can contribute to the aesthetic character of a space and create a more comfortable environment. We've found the best way to communicate our vision is to consult with clients face to face, wherever they are in the country. To facilitate this, we designed our showrooms to be a little different to the kind of 'shop-floor' facilities you'd see anywhere else...

Redwell Across The UK

Redwell is proud to be part of a growing family of accredited partners and suppliers across the UK & Channel Islands, meaning you can experience infrared heating wherever you are in the country. Redwell can also be found in Swindon, on display at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, just off the M4. The NSBRC is ideally located for you to drop in and experience Redwell’s range of products first hand – with “Resident Technical Experts” on hand to answer any questions you may have about your project.

A Different Kind Of Showroom

Redwell's own show locations are located in our Dundee head office and in our recently-opened Plymouth facility: 'Redwell Southwest'.  Our showrooms go as far as to incorporate mock ups of real life 'settings' - including a domestic kitchen, and a corporate boardroom, depicting our products as they might look and function in the 'real world'. Showrooms also host feature walls, which display Redwell's range of products in a functioning context and demonstrate that heating is not just 'equipment' to be installed in a building, but can work as part of its interior design scheme.

Most importantly, Redwell's premises also serve as creative hubs: meeting places where everyone from clients and installers, to interior designers, architects and anyone involved in a project, can come together to exchange ideas and inspiration. 

Our intention is to provide quick and easy access to Redwell  wherever you are in the UK. Customers, designers and specifiers alike can come and discuss their projects,  experience Redwell first hand and be comfortable that their investment is of course the right one. Customer service is at the forefront of our minds and having the ability to demonstrate our heating face to face in a showroom as opposed to a quick sale on the internet is extremely beneficial as we can really understand their needs

Callum Milne, MD

glass wall panels

Finding Design Inspiration

Since we moved to our Dundee office and opened Redwell Southwest earlier this year, our approach has resulted in lots of successful projects, in which we matched the creativity and design inspiration of our clients to our own expertise... 

Hotel projects: Our space-saving heating solutions provide comfort and reliability to hotel guests, and efficiency and savings to owners and managers.

Salon projects: Beauty salons and spas value brand and aesthetic but client comfort is just as important. By talking to salon clients we deliver attractive, practical warmth while also adding style and character with devices like the sculpted Rolling Wave heater.

Restaurant projects: Space and comfort are vital, but so is personalising our clients' heating to the appeal of their restaurants. Ceiling-mounted panels and printed panels are ideal: maximising covers while creating a beautiful dining experience.

Domestic projects: Warmth can make all the difference when turning a house into a home. Since no two houses are the same, we offer bespoke heating panels and, by consulting with clients, we've found solutions for homes of every shape and size and work frequently with very old buildings. 

blackboard heater

New Possibilities, New Choices

The capabilities of Redwell heating technology mean that we no longer have to settle for bulky, ugly radiators, or put up with the inefficiencies of traditional convection systems. Of course, with new possibilities come new choices and making the right choice is crucial to a project's success. That's where a Redwell showroom visit, or a site-visit from us, can make a difference. We'll have ideas for your project... even if you have no idea what kind of heating you want yet!

What are the heating challenges facing your project? Are you looking for inspiration as you replace your current heating system? Call us today to arrange a consultation.