Healthy Heating for Holiday Homes

Posted by David Small
static caravan holiday home

How often have you opened the door to your holiday home only to be disappointed by a musty smell, possibly even damp cottage or caravan? Redwell have been providing solutions for holiday homeowners throughout the UK with fantastic results.

A clear benefit of infrared technology is it's simplicity, aesthetics, minimal energy usage and its potential to reduce or even eliminate maintenance problems.

Redwell infrared heating panels are fully programmable using the latest programmable thermostats allowing temperatures to be maintained while homes are unoccupied, they can even be monitored and controlled remotely via a mobile app in the comfort of your own home. 

The infrared heat emitted by the panel creates a subtle ambient warmth throughout whilst warming the fabric of your property.

Powered by electricity, infrared heating panels plug into existing wiring, avoiding the need for complex (and costly) gas connection work to be carried out.

Flexibility and dual functionality due to the wide range of panels offered. Heated mirrors, bespoke pictures, towel dryers or even a blackboard for the kitchen provide a unique opportunity to not only heat your home efficiently but furnish it at the same time.

One of our happy customers stated: “Following the installation, I visited recently for the first time in a while to find virtually no water within the de-humidifi er units, no dampness or condensation whatsoever throughout the lodge, and a consistent temperature in all rooms”, explains the happy owner. “Combined with a very reasonable running cost, it has been an outstanding success!”

Maintenance-free and with up to 50% less energy used, Redwell presents a compelling option for holiday homeowners who want to improve on aesthetics, save on energy, protect the fabric of the building and at the same time offer a unique selling point with healthy heating systems.

Redwell R400 Blackboard & R420 Mirror Heating Panels
Redwell R400 Blackboard & R420 Mirror Heating Panels