Redwell Infrared Panels - Quality without Compromise

Posted by David Small

Potential Redwell customers often ask; Why are Redwell infrared heating panels regarded as the best available on the market today? Our justifiably standard response can usually be abridged to one word - Quality. As with most technologies, products, or services there’s a spectrum of quality in the market and it’s easy to pop online and find many infrared panel options today ranging across the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here at Redwell our position in the market has been built around premium quality: but how is that quality achieved and what are the outcomes? It’s generally held that there are two distinct sides to a quality product; the objective quality - the standard to which it is produced, and subjective quality - the perceived value reported by the person who benefits from the product. Here at Redwell we achieve objective quality in 3 key stages. Design – Manufacture - Service.

Stage 1:

Quality design. Each Redwell heating panel is designed to offer ideas and inspiration to deliver stylish and subtle options for warmth while allowing for creative flair. The Redwell Panelwave range for example has been designed to seamlessly integrate with suspended grid ceilings and the Redwell towel dryers combine both form and function. The full award winning Redwell range has been designed using many different materials and finishes and offers aesthetic vibrancy enveloped by warm intimacy. 

Stage 2:

Quality of process. Redwell infrared panels are manufactured to the highest standards using only quality components. As an original modern infrared panel manufacturer - our first panel rolled off the production line way back in 2002 - our quality manufacturing process, using a unique vermiculite core, has been perfected over many years. This allows Redwell to offer a 90 month product warranty as standard, underpinned by manufacturing experience.

unique vermiculite core provides heat storage and 5% more efficiency

Stage 3:

Quality of Service. At RedwellGB we understand the importance of presenting our infrared panels in a way that reflects the quality of design and manufacture and that the people we speak to have important choices and decisions to make. Investing in new heating is not something that you do on a regular basis and your choice of heating must have the quality to last many years. That’s why we find it important to present Redwell infrared panels in quality surroundings at key locations across the UK.

Our many years of experience have taught us that by treating these 3 key stages with the utmost importance, we create a product that will stand the test of time and can guarantee quality of performance. Of course this dedication to product quality would be in vain unless we strive to attain the same level quality in our interaction with people. That’s why at Redwell we provide a bespoke, friendly, customer focussed service that guides you through the Redwell journey to your ultimate goal of warmth and contentment and ensures that you, our customer, will have a valuable subjective experience.

So here at Redwell objective and subjective quality hold equal importance and by striving to achieve a balance of both we create a value proposition for our customers and can say that Redwell Infrared Heating Panels are the best available in the market today”


Because Quality without Compromise is at the heart of Redwell values

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