A Brief History of Home Heating

Posted by David Small

Here at RedwellGB we’re often asked where infrared heating began. There’s two answers to this question. The first, that infrared heating began when the sun came into being. The second that modern infrared heating panels began in 1998 when Redwell became pioneers in their field and the first Redwell panel was conceived. How did we get from one form of natural warmth to another-what happened in between? We thought we’d take a quick journey along home heating system milestones. 

I suppose way back in the day we would just have done what came natural. Collect some wood-grab ourselves the nearest small cave-pop on a fire-wrap up in our bearskin-job done for the night.  If that’s how things started, how has our home heating evolved over the years? Let’s take a look:

  • The Roman hypocaust system – in the 1st Century BC the Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius writes about generating heat from furnaces through spaces in the floor and through pipes in the walls. And goes on to say how the advent of central heating improved the hygiene and living conditions of the people-hard to disagree with that.
  • Then for the next 17-1800 years we simply used room by room fires, utilising the radiant heat to warm us-or maybe we were used to the cold and were much hairier so had plenty of natural insulation.
  • The next significant development came in the 1830s when the American Angier March Perkins developed a steam heating system. The first installation of this system was for the Governor of the Bank of England - not to heat his home but to grow grapes!
  • Then things really started to heat up when in 1857 the Russian Franz San Galli, received a radiator patent.
  • The development of radiator systems continued until we got to the 1970s when we had the UK wide adoption of convection central heating systems into fabric poor homes - predominately gas fuelled. Such a short time for our present systems to be so ingrained and by and large that’s the way things have remained.
  • When we get into the 1980s we seen the UK wide adoption of high consumption and high carbon emissions electric storage heating into off mains gas areas-using off-peak electricity. This made perfect sense until we realised the consequences of carbon in the atmosphere!
  • The 90s & 00s saw the rise of underfloor heating. People started going cold on the notion of convection heating and start looking for more than just hot air.
  • Until we get to the present day and more and more homeowners are seeking a multi-faceted solution. Consequently, we now see the increasing adoption of modern infrared panels. Redwell panels not only offer highly energy efficient, controlled warmth rather than hot air, but also combine form and function to blend into any situation stylishly. From a single panel in your home office to a full home heating system the options are endless. Comfort-Quality-Warmth

From the suns infrared warmth to Redwell infrared warmth the journey has come full circle.

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