“Ne’r cast a cloot til May is oot”

Posted by David Small

Here in Scotland we have a saying ‘Ne’r cast a cloot til May is oot’ or in English reads ‘do not leave your coat off till May be past’.

Now that we’re in July (where did half a year go!!), this saying has been running through my mind due to the strange phenomenon that I’ve noticed in our house this year.

Picture this-you may recognise it. January 2017 and it’s hovering around zero degrees outside. In our home the heating’s on (oil fuelled convection) and the internal temperature is around the 21C mark. So far-so normal you would think. Take a closer look and I can see two teenagers lolling around in shorts and t-shirts, my wife in a t-shirt and myself in short sleeves. Ours is not an unusual home so I can imagine this to be the case in many homes throughout the UK-not forgetting the modern men who, over the past few years, have begun to wear beachwear on our garage forecourts in the depths of winter. What’s that about?

Kids in Front of Heater

Now picture this-you may recognise it. The same home in May 2017 and it’s around 16C outside. In our home the heating’s off and the internal temperature is around the 14-16C mark. So far-so normal you would think. However, on closer inspection I can see that the two teenagers have their legs covered, have thin fleeces on and my wife is dressed pretty much the same.

Now, as the bill payer, I’m thinking this is fabulous!! Happy days I say to myself, I’ve successfully converted them to energy efficiency after banging on about it for years. What I really want to ask is ‘why don’t you have the heating on?’ but I’m afraid that will cause a stampede to the heating switch as it would in winter.

Eventually my curiosity gets the better of me and at the dinner table that night I ask the question, ‘Why do you all insist on having the heating up to high temperatures in winter with very little clothing on, while in May you are all happy to have lower temperatures and wear more.

The resounding reply was, ‘because it’s a lovely comfortable warmth and the air feels really fresh indoors at this time of year and if we put the heating on it would become hot and stuffy’.

And the cause of this phenomenon? Infrared light from the sun. When we head into spring at this end of the world we get more sunshine and that results in our building fabric gradually warming, then radiating warmth internally. The upshot being, thermal comfort and clean air for occupants.

By replicating the suns infrared light Redwell offers energy efficient thermal comfort all year round regardless of external temperatures-as I’ve taken advantage of in my home office (don’t tell the family).

 The bills come down and the common sense goes up.

Heating Bills

Well, now that May is oot I’m off to cast my cloot (even though it’s raining!).